Hill & The Sky Heroes

hill & the sky heroes


After spending the better part of a decade touring with the likes of Serena Ryder and The Weeknd, directing music videos for Mother Mother and Sass Jordan and producing/writing for The Cliks and Eh440, Hill Kourkoutis is harnessing her many talents and experiences into one creative endeavor. Hailing from Toronto, Canada, the award-winning songwriter, producer, multi-instrumentalist and filmmaker began performing and recording under the nom de band Hill & The Sky Heroes in 2011. Following a three year hiatus, The Sky Heroes are releasing the sequel to their 2012 debut, ’11:11’, a collaborative effort that featured many of her peers from the Toronto music scene including Adrian Eccleston (Drake/Kylie Minogue), Doc McKinney (The Weeknd/Esthero), Serena Ryder, Donna Grantis (Prince and 3RD EYE GIRL) and Martha & The Muffins.

The follow-up, appropriately titled ‘The Great Year’, consists of a trilogy of EP’s to be released over the course of twelve-months, slowly revealing the body of a sophomore LP. Engaging an eclectic amalgam of alt pop, electro and surf rock, the first EP installment ‘Dark Days’ shows a departure from Hill & The Sky Heroes’ debut collaborative effort. Mirroring Kourkoutis’ introspective personal journey during the project’s hiatus, the self-produced, written, performed and mixed EP exemplifies an evolution from melancholia to revival. ‘Dark Days’ explores a period in this passage conveying the dichotomy between contempt and resistance and a longing for love and purpose. Bear witness as ‘The Great Year’ unravels in 2015 and Hill & The Sky Heroes’ quest from darkness to light reveals itself.