Kieran Mercer



Kieran Mercer has been in the Canadian music scene for years, opening for the likes of

Marianas Trench, Walk Off The Earth, Carly Rae Jepsen and Lights.

Over the last year, Kieran has been hard at work in the studio with producers Stephen

“Koz” Kozmeniuk (Dua Lipa) and Michael Wise (Serena Ryder). Together they have

been compiling a 4 song EP titled Fools Gold, which is due out later this year. “I feel

like I’ve finally reached the sound and vision I’ve always been striving for with Fools

Gold. Koz and Mike knew how to perfectly harness my vintage influences while

keeping the production in 2018” notes Mercer. Kieran’s first single off the EP Anarchy

will be hitting all streaming platforms March 16th.

Kieran’s 6 song EP Help Me Help You was released in 2016 under 604 Records, and

charted into the Top 20 Canadian album chart on iTunes. When you listen to Kieran’s

music, It’s evident right away that he has hatched into a confident, songwriter with what

seems like a decade’s worth of hits inside him.

Artists blaze a path for those after them, and Mercer has kept the headlights on the

entire time. His songwriting now pulls from sources that may seem obvious but also

clever. “My influences are all over the map,” claims the 29 year old. “I grew up

listening to an array of different records like country music great Hank Williams and

British bands like the Kinks. In high-school, I discovered more r&b pop acts like Stevie

Wonder and Michael Jackson. I take all these influences inside of me and just write

what I know, so in the end what comes out is me.”

Although his demeanour is soft, Kieran Mercer is about to burst with musical vigor. He’s

ready to develop a wider audience and doesn’t question any of the moves that got him

to where he is now. “I have confidence in my music and feel like it’s only a matter of

time until people see what I can really do. I hope people see how much homework I

put into my sound to make it the best it can be. I’m really trying to give people pop

with real substance to it. I feel like pop has lost that recently.”