The debut EP from Toronto’s LITEYEARS, American Towns, is more than just an avenue for the band’s refreshing take on modern pop music. It is a comprehensive creative statement in every way. From compelling and melodic songs, to the sophisticated and tight production, capped off by the ground-breaking companion video series for each of the five inventive and memorable tracks, LITEYEARS is a band that is making a definitive statement – they mean business.

“We wanted to build an entire infrastructure around American Towns as an alternative way to experience the songs – a way that is equally entertaining. We want this to be a truly different and fresh way for people to connect with our music,” said vocalist/songwriter Brent Wirth.

LITEYEARS is a five-piece pop band hailing from Toronto, Ontario and is the latest project from long-time collaborative brothers Brent and Brian Wirth. After garnering a surplus of accolades with their previous band (formerly of Thought Beneath Film), which includes winning the $50,000 grand prize of Slaight Music’s coveted “It’s Your Shot” competition, working with industry heavyweights Tom Lord-Alge and Bob Ludwig on two records, completing several Canadian and North American tours, and receiving commercial radio play and video rotation on MuchLOUD for three of the band’s singles, the Wirth brothers are embarking on a new sonic path with LITEYEARS, one that features a more mature, focused, and accessible sound.

The band is comprised of music scene veterans, well-worn touring musicians, and recording engineers/studio owners. This combined experience ultimately dictates the thought, care, and personal standards each band member expects not only from each other, but, most importantly, the music as well. After a year spent in studio hibernation, LITEYEARS debut EP American Towns showcases a band with unrelenting perseverance and the drive to create a record that doesn’t compromise. Joining lead vocalist/pianist Brent and guitarist Brian are bassist Nick Haberer, keyboardist/percussionist Adam Slinn, and drummer Joey Muha, who has notably attained viral fame and a loyal online fanbase of 320,000+ users via his distinctive drum cover videos.

The songs on American Towns are catchy, tuneful and instantly memorable. But LITEYEARS wanted to add depth and poignancy to the songs through the addition of thought-provoking lyrical messages, including the title politically-charged title track.

The first single, Rhythm in the Stars, came out of a writing exercise Brent used to help break through a momentary bout with writer’s block. “We were in uncharted territory musically, which can be really scary because there are no longer any boundaries. I was in this phase where I studied and analyzed all the big pop songs as an exercise. I just started writing lyrics and song titles in a big list, without the intention of releasing a song. It was actually almost a parody song where I was making fun of the party lifestyle,” he said.

“I wanted this dichotomy of a chorus that was a ‘live it up’ party song alongside verses which took a negative critique of that lifestyle. I don’t really buy into that whole ‘live for the weekend’ and spend the other five days in misery vibe. I don’t accept the fact that you have to be miserable for a large portion of your life punctuated by these hollow, fleeting moments. It’s like being a drug addict waiting for your next fix.”

American Towns was mixed by JUNO Award winning mixing engineer Vic Florencia and mastered by 11-time Grammy Award winner and industry legend Bob Ludwig.


Tour Dates 

Oct 4 – Horseshoe Tavern – Toronto, ON