Poor Young Things

Poor Young Things

If there was any further proof needed of Poor Young Things’ dedication to both the spirit of rock ‘n roll, and to each other, it’s burned into the digital grooves of their latest EP, Force Of Nature. Like really, how many other five-piece bands would be able to endure three weeks with each other in a hotel room containing only two single beds? But when the Toronto-based outfit ventured to Brooklyn in January 2015 to record the EP’s six new songs, they were definitely not thinking about going on a vacation, but instead pushing their already established no-frills, high-energy rock to new heights.

It’s all there in the lead single, “Like An Animal,” a double-barreled blast of euphoric guitar pop, which also ingeniously co-opts perpetual New York City mayoral candidate Jimmy McMillan’s catchphrase for its hook, “You can’t pay the rent ‘cause you’re too damn high.” And with that track setting a torrid pace, Force Of Nature speeds on through the remaining five tracks, mowing down everything in its path.

The EP’s crisp precision can be credited in part to producers Gus Van Go and Werner F., whose extensive resumes include The Stills, Hollerado, Monster Truck, Whitehorse, and many more. It follows on the heels of the band’s 2013 full-length debut, The Heart. The Head. The End., which earned Poor Young Things significant wins on both sides of the border, specifically being named Sirius XM’s 2013 Emerging Artist Of The Year, and landing a slot on the 2013 Vans Warped Tour.

For a band already accustomed to doing 100-plus shows per year, capturing their on-stage power in the studio has always come naturally, and that was no different in their approach to Force Of Nature, as front man Matt Fratpietro explains.

“We went into the sessions with 12 songs ready to record, and after Gus and Werner heard them all, they were able to categorize them pretty quickly,” he says. “They basically just wanted to focus on the songs with the best grooves, and we were totally okay with that. Our approach from the beginning has been to try to bridge the gap between rock and pop, and when I listen to the EP now I think it’s cool how each track sounds like an homage. There’s our Tom Petty song, our Motown song, and the first acoustic song we’ve ever recorded. We really just wanted to put something out that people could groove to.”

Making people move any way they can has been Poor Young Things’ mission since forming in 2007. In many ways, Fratpietro and his cohorts—guitarists David Allan Grant and Michael Kondakow, bassist Scott Burke, and drummer Konrad Commisso—are still the same five friends who began jamming together in Thunder Bay, Ontario, and the undeniable chemistry they share remains the foundation of Poor Young Things’ sound. Like all great rock bands, it’s a kind of street gang mentality, or perhaps more accurately, a belief that no one’s musical ideas are off limits, as long as they can connect with audiences.

The group realized that themselves while on the Vans Warped Tour, Fratpietro says. “It was really fun, but it was also really bizarre to be on the Warped Tour. We did about 12 stops in the southern U.S. and the people were great, but in musical terms, it often didn’t seem like we fit in. It was like, bands were out there screaming, and at first it made me feel like Elvis Presley up there crooning. But that just meant we had to work harder to win people over, which was great. I could see that the audiences understood that a catchy song is a catchy song, whether you’re screaming or not. Overall, it was a really positive experience, and we loved being able to represent Canada.”

So, after a relatively quiet 2014, Poor Young Things are now primed to build on those lessons learned with full-scale touring in support of Force Of Nature. The time seems ideal for the band to prove once and for all that they deserve a place alongside Canada’s best live acts, as well as best pop-rock songwriters.

“Being on stage and getting people excited and involved is definitely what we love to do most, and putting out this EP is going to give us a chance to get back to doing that on a more full-time basis,” Fratpietro says. “We’ve been storing up all this rocket fuel for a year, and now we’re ready to go.”

Tour Dates

Oct 14 – Winnipeg, MB – The Pyramid

Oct 15 – Regina, SK – The Exchange – with The Glorious Sons & Northcote 

Oct 16 – Edmonton, AB – Starlite Room – with The Glorious Sons & Northcote 

Oct 17 – Calgary, AB – The Gateway – with The Glorious Sons & Northcote 

Oct 18 – Lethbridge, AB – Average Joe’s – with The Glorious Sons & Northcote 

Oct 20 – Cranbrook, BC – Key City Theatre – with The Glorious Sons & Northcote 

Oct 21 – Kelowna, BC – Flashbacks – with The Glorious Sons & Northcote 

Oct 22- Kamloops, BC – Cactus Jack’s – with The Glorious Sons & Northcote 

Oct 23 – Vancouver, BC – The Venue – with The Glorious Sons & Northcote 

Oct 24 – Victoria, BC – Distrikt – with The Glorious Sons

Oct 27 – Grande Prairie, AB – Better Than Fred’s – with The Glorious Sons & Northcote

Oct 28 – Grande Prairie, AB – Better Than Fred’s

Oct 30 – Red Deer, AB – Bo’s – with The Glorious Sons & Northcote 

Oct 31 – Saskatoon, SK – Capitol Music Club – with The Glorious Sons & Northcote 

Nov 3 – Thunder Bay, ON – Crock’s – with The Glorious Sons & Northcote 

Nov 5 – Sudbury, ON – Colson Night Club – with The Glorious Sons & Northcote 

Nov 6 – St. Catherine’s, ON – L3 – with The Glorious Sons & Northcote 

Nov 7 – Hamilton, ON – Absinthe – with The Glorious Sons & Northcote 

Nov 11 – Waterloo, ON – Maxwell’s – with The Glorious Sons & Northcote 

Nov 12 – Windsor, ON – Walkerville Theatre – with The Glorious Sons & Northcote 

Nov 13 – London, ON – London Music Hall – with The Glorious Sons & Northcote 

Nov 14 – Toronto, ON – The Opera House – with The Glorious sons

Nov 18 – Quebec City, QC – La Source de la Matinière – with Northcote

Nov 20 – Moncton, NB – Tide & Boar – with The Glorious Sons & Northcote 

Nov 21 – Halifax, NS – Marquee – with The Glorious Sons & Northcote 

Nov 22 – Truro, NS – Champions – with The Glorious Sons & Northcote 

Nov 26 – Fredericton, NB – The Capital Complex – with The Glorious Sons & Northcote 

Nov 27 – Montreal, QC – Le Petit Campus – with The Glorious Sons & Northcote 

Nov 28 – Ottawa, ON – Mavericks – with The Glorious Sons & Northcote