The Pack A.D.


With two singles from their upcoming album, Positive Thinking, already tearing up the radio charts, the critics are starting to chime in on Pack A.D.’s ferocity. Exclaim! says the sound unfurls bashed-and-boomed drum work from Maya Miller, a series of in-the-red riffs and Becky Black’s beckon call,” while The Prairie Dog claims it “alchemizes the rawest elements of the most primordial heavy rock into something fresh, glazed with the sheen of the near-future.”

On the heels of a successful spring tour, the East Vancouver duo is now adding more tour dates this fall including stops in Toronto, Montreal, and Ottawa beginning October 20. Full tour dates can be found below and more Canadian dates will be announced soon.

Set for release on August 12 via Cadence MusicPositive Thinking is all carefully constructed chaos, crushing vulnerability, and massive swagger. Underneath the sprawl of its sonic infrastructure, singer/guitarist Black and drummer Miller — self described lifelong high school outcasts — traverse the hidden tunnels that connect all us damaged people together: anger, alienation, humour, sarcasm, sincerity, loneliness, grief.

Positive Thinking explores the numbing day-to-day routine of depression and the fantastical ways that we look to mask it from ourselves and others,” Miller says. “The lyrics on this album are probably more personal to us than on any other record we’ve done.”


Engineered by Jesse Gander (White Lung, Bison, Japandroids) and mastered by Heba Kadry in Brooklyn’s Timeless Mastering, Positive Thinking isn’t a total overhaul of the Pack A.D. everybody knows and loves. But making this album—it was a reinvention, an old-school reckoning, and they’re better for it. We’re all better for it. “We’ve gone back and found the place where we started from,” Miller says. “This may have been one of the most difficult albums for us personally to work on but because of that, it’s also been the most comfortable. There isn’t a single moment where I feel like we’ve done any of it for anyone but ourselves.”