The Pistolwhips

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It’s all about the moment. When you step into The Pistolwhips world, the moment is all

that matters. Hailing from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, the band has worked tirelessly to

bring listeners out of the daily grind and into a series of life changing moments.

Blending an incredible mix of indie rock hooks, with monster rock choruses, this is a

band that leaves it all on the table for you.


With humble beginnings, the band quickly won Rawlco Radios 10k20 and set out to

record their debut record, On Your Side. The album was released in 2014, and the band

set out on a string of tour dates that included a trip to the UK, multiple cross Canada

tours, and festival shows. All the hard work culminated in Planet S Magazine awarding

The Pistolwhips with Album of The Year.


In mid-2016 the band began work with legendary Canadian producer Eric Ratz. Eric

had been the producer behind Monster Truck, Billy Talent, The Arkells, and so many

other incredible artists. Through the summer of 2016, the band toiled away in Toronto

between Revolution Studios, and Vespa Studios, and in the fall, released the first single

off of the yet to be released album, Voices. Voices was released to radio in late 2016

and managed to land the band a spot in the top 40 of Canadian Active Rock.


During this successful first single push, the song received 150,000 streams, and caught

the attention of Steve Nightingale of record label Cadence / Fontana North. The band’s

new album is being released through Fontana North, and is set for global release on

May 26, 2017.


The band will be touring across Canada from May 26 – Early July, and will also be

playing several festivals, before heading to Europe in late 2017.


About the new album:

We live in a time where all the information that has ever existed is available at the

click of a button. Before we leave the house each morning we have all seen

countless images of what we should be trying to attain. The hear, the fashio, the

lifestyle, the cars, the makeup, and all the celebrities, all right there in our homes

each morning when we log on. All of it with a huge price tag. All of it instant,

without warning, without much thought it seems. We are in the era of information

pollution. The golden age of global warming. With so much in the atmosphere,

how do we drown all the voices out? How do we know which ones to listen to?

Which voices speak the truth?



Nov 11 – Saskatoon – Obrians Event Centre