Ches Anthony


“I was on a radio tour promoting my single “Carolina” and after a long day of travelling,  I was sitting alone in a hotel room in Toronto, thinking about home. I am always writing, laying down melodies, and a good friend of mine Nelson Sobral “Nelly” came by the hotel for a visit. He brought a guitar and beer and we started jamming out some tunes. I came up with an instrumental bit and spoke to him about where I grew up. Nelly said “wait, this is a great idea! Let’s write a song about that and call it Home!” 

The song was done within 35 minutes.

Pete Swann (Producer) and I got together in studio and really put ourselves into the rustic authentic lyrics of “Home” and formed the production with real chain sounds, industrial hammers, cans, drums, to make up the foundation of the song really reflects how I feel about home. Growing up with a father who played harmonica had to be a big part of the song as well!


“I had the amazing opportunity to work with Strike Films for the music video. Having the old hot rod cars and rustic barn/store front on the farm in Saskatchewan was just too perfect for the video. The video really brings the lyrics to life and shows the listeners all about my home!”