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In the strangest of times, the one constant for Jules is her music, and her creativity! On May 30th, a new chapter in Jules’ musical journey starts! With an aggressive remix of one of the standout songs on her debut album, People Watching, we’re given a glimpse into what’s to come. With a new album already started, there was a need for her to share something now.

“This track has always been one of my favourites to play live, and every time we play it I see people digging the vibe at the end when it really builds!! When we took this to Derek Hoffman to remix, we wanted to capture that live energy during the whole song, and now it just hits you so much harder.”
In 2 short years, People Watching has amassed over 2 million streams digitally, spawned two nationally charing singles, and netted her a #1 Single award from SOCAN for Before You Picked Her. Not bad for someone who hasn’t even celebrated her 19th birthday yet. 
With an attitude to test the best, the confidence of a star, and a sincerity like no other, Jules is ready to start chapter 2 in her music career. She’s been co-writing with John-Angus MacDonald (The Trews), Scott Anderson (Finger Eleven), Ryan Guldemond (Mother Mother), and Nygel Asselin (co-writer of Sirens), and is ready to get into the studio and record her new record. 
For now, stay safe, stay healthy, and enjoy the DH Remix of Sirens.