Kim Mitchell

“I’m just doing my Rock N Roll duty,

Creating a buzz, buzz, buzz,

Some say I’m in it for the money,

But I’m in it for the love, love, love.”


Canadian Rock icon Kim Mitchell has sung those lines from his personal mission statement, “Rock N Roll Duty” for decades now and he’s still doing exactly that, creative energy and enthusiasm fully intact.

Today, Mitchell and his band of accomplished musicians continue to tour the country selling out theatres, casinos and festivals coast to coast. Live audiences, which continue to grow and are comprised of newer fans in their late teens and early twenties through to fans that have been following him since the late seventies, are thrilled to find that participating in a Kim Mitchell concert is like being at the live recording of a greatest hits box set which includes his solo hits “Patio Lanterns” and “All We Are” and Max Webster gems like “Diamonds Diamonds” and “High Class in Borrowed Shoes”..

In 2018, Mitchell started his first solo recording in half a dozen years.  He got together with his friends the Barenaked Ladies to re-record his song, the Max Webster hit “Diamonds Diamonds”.  Max Webster and this song in particular was a great influence on the members of the Barenaked Ladies. The track and new video will be released early first quarter 2019 through ole label group, with further newly recorded Kim Mitchell solo tracks to follow later in the year.