Lydia & Sebastien

The Canadien duo Lydia&Sebastien, whose songs Quand t’es pas là, Pleure pas, Printemps Heureux and Attends-moi established them on commercial radio, present their brand new single You Talk Too Much. Following the release of their first album last fall, and after performing concerts in the Maldives and Bora Bora, the pair returns with a fresh new single.

An inspiring world tour added some sunshine to their music. Lydia&Sebastien have been participating in musical events around the world for three and a half years now. Their incredible experience has opened doors for them: they are returning to Quebec to discuss opportunities with several world-famous record companies. Their easy-going attitude and wanderlust undoubtedly influenced You Talk Too Much, which was recorded in Bora Bora, giving the work a perfect touch of the tropics. Well known for his music work in advertising, producer Tim Buron collaborated with Lydia&Sebastien on You Talk Too Much. Buron was also approached by Interscope LA – which produces popular artists such as Bruno Mars, Lady Gaga and Selena Gomez – to produce Charlotte Cardin’s album in the United States. He also collaborated with Karim Ouellet, on top of composing and producing songs and albums at CVLT Nation.

Quand t’es pas là, Lydia&Sebastien’s first single, was signed and launched by Ultra Records (Sony New York), a renowned American label which produces such internationally famous artists as David Guetta, Calvin Harris and Pitbull. The song was also included on a compilation, alongside a hit by the popular singer Omi.

An exciting appearance at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity The Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity will soon host a performance by Lydia & Sébastien. This prestigious wide-reaching festival brings together the best and the brightest in the creative industries worldwide, whether it be technology, advertising, media, marketing, design, innovation or entertainment.

You Talk Too Much is the first single of a mini-album that will be on sale Fall 2017.